turn VERB 1) move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis. 2) move into a different position, especially so as to face or move in the opposite direction. 3) change in nature, state, form, or colour; make or become. 4) shape on a lathe. 5) give a graceful or elegant form to. 6) make (a profit). 7) (of the tide) change from flood to ebb or vice versa. 8) twist or sprain (an ankle). 9) (of leaves) change colour in the autumn. 10) (of milk) become sour.
NOUN 1) an act of turning. 2) a bend or curve in a road, path, river, etc. 3) a place where a road meets or branches off another; a turning. 4) a time when one period of time ends and another begins. 5) a development or change in circumstances. 6) a short walk or ride. 7) a brief feeling or experience of illness: a funny turn. 8) an opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people. 9) a short performance, especially one of a number given by different performers. 10) one round in a coil of rope or other material.
at every turn — Cf. ↑at every turn
by turns — Cf. ↑by turns
do someone a good (or bad) turn — Cf. ↑do someone a good turn
in turn — Cf. ↑in turn
one good turn deserves another — Cf. ↑one good turn deserves another
out of turn — Cf. ↑out of turn
take turns (or take it in turns) — Cf. ↑take turns
to a turn — Cf. ↑to a turn
turn against — Cf. ↑turn against
turn away — Cf. ↑turn away
turn and turn about — Cf. ↑turn and turn about
turn down — Cf. ↑turn down
turn in — Cf. ↑turn in
turn off — Cf. ↑turn off
turn of mind — Cf. ↑turn of mind
turn of speed — Cf. ↑turn of speed
turn on — Cf. ↑turn on
turn out — Cf. ↑turn out
turn over — Cf. ↑turn over
turn round (or around) — Cf. ↑turn round
turn tail — Cf. ↑turn tail
turn to — Cf. ↑turn to
turn up — Cf. ↑turn up
DERIVATIVES turner noun.
ORIGIN Latin tornare, from Greek tornos 'lathe, circular movement' .

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